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Alarm Systems


Home owner, renter or business owner:

You have just landed on the most comprehensive free educational website on the internet regarding ALARM SYSTEMS! 

ALARMSYSTEM.COM is NOT a referral or lead generating website for alarm companies.  

ALARMSYSTEM.COM exists only to assist you in researching everything you need and should know if you're considering an alarm system installation.



At ALARMSYSTEM.COM we have two of the most comprehensive copyrighted reports ever written about Alarm systems.  © 2015 " The Real Truth, Benefit, and Design of Alarm Systems" and our all inclusive   © 2015 " Alarm Systems Frequently Asked Questions". 

WHY?  The information is provided by a retired 40 year veteran of the alarm industry who no longer needs to use this valuable domain name and website for business.   

Every year and growing there are over 1,000,000 searches in Google / Yahoo-Bing for alarm systems. To assist these folks this website has now been converted as a consumer service to anyone interested in an ALARM SYSTEM.

Many if not most of the important elements in these reports have never been put to print and are unequivocally not found on-line at any website.


Learn the true reason and benefit derived from installing an alarm system

Learn the CORRECT WAY to design an alarm system and not be persuaded by sales people or installers motivated only by commissions or pressured by management to install quick or less than adequate systems. 

Learn the difference between hard wired and wireless components, as well as when and where they should be utilized

Learn the complete functionality of ALL alarm components, including when, where and how they should be installed.

Learn how pets affect an alarm installation.

Learn why your own "local" smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors are dangerously inadequate to protect you and your family.

Learn little known techniques (complete with pictures) on how to correctly "contact" exterior storm doors, especially deck doors, sliding doors and "French" doors.

These little known and overlooked techniques or "tricks of the trade" can save you hundreds of dollars in potential damage IF a thief were to even attempt to break into your home!  Sadly many experienced alarm installers do NOT even know these techniques.

You will know more about the correct design and installation procedures than any representative or installer.

Learn the downfalls of installing an outside siren.

Lean about Monitoring alarm contracts that require "a Philadelphia lawyer" to understand.

Learn how monitoring of an alarm system actually works.

Learn everything about "land line" and cellular monitoring.

Learn the truth about non monitored alarm systems, a.k.a. "local alarm" and how installing one of these can have disastrous results for your property and more importantly your family.


Both reports are Word documents

© 2015 " The Real Truth, Benefit, and Design of Alarm Systems"

© 2015 " Alarm Systems Frequently Asked Questions". 

If you find this information helpful let me know.