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Acquire Hundreds of Thousands of New Customers!

For a Start-Up Alarm Company There is No Domain as Powerful and All Encompassing as Branding Your Company AlarmSystem.Com!



Prospectus for Domain AlarmSystem.Com

Substantiating Talking Points & Key Benefits of Asset


AlarmSystem.Com is the product desired and the product sold. It is all encompassing. Prospects are researching, inquiring and planning to have an alarm system installed. The alarm industry is marketing, selling, installing and servicing alarm systems.


Your RMR stream is dependent upon the monitoring of alarm systems; thus the domain AlarmSystem.Com carries inherent marketing power in the modern internet era as it "speaks" the product for both customer and provider.


In the realm of Internet domain names, AlarmSystem.Com is "category defining domain" name or an elite "product premium domain". 


The most valued sought after prospect for an alarm system is the first time home buyer. At an average age of 33 they have been raised in a world of internet connectivity. they have been raised in a world of internet connectivity. They have grown up using the internet.  


These millennials "live" on the internet and are seasoned to the appeals of social media, cyber interaction, digital marketing, dot com websites as well as TV ads for dot com companies.

They belong to the Dot Com generation


ALARMSYSTEM.COM TV advertisement: For a new "Start-Up" targeting educated millennials on CNN or FOX no other creative branding would resonate more with the Dot Com generation.


DYI is here to stay and growing at an exponential rate! Originally the realm of the "Mr. Fix it" or "Mike the electrician"... ALL of this has changed as the new millennials are "tuned in" to everything digital. Alarm system components and other "smart" technology can now be delivered to your door in a box and easily set up by this savvy "wired" generation.

SimpliSafe: The largest DYI alarm system company on the planet is doing so well they just got infused with ONE BILLION DOLLARS from Hellman & Friedman LLC, a private equity firm. It did however take them nearly a decade to achieve success and brand recognition.

Had they originally branded with ALARMSYSTEM.COM it is likely they would have grown at 10X their success rate.

Ring.Com was recently purchased by Jeff Bezos for ONE BILLION and is now offering alarm components to their system.

Branding the next DYI "Start-UP" as ALARMSYSTEM.COM will immediately resonate with the millennial generation. Your brand name is the desired product!


The internet: Nearly everything of significance is researched by this coveted demographic on-line. When pursuing an alarm system for their first new home they are not searching brands or companies, rather they are searching what they want, that is; an alarm system.


A perfect example is mega store Home Depot. Despite their massive brand marketing, they were losing millions in sales to  Folks that were searching for blinds were using keyword; "Blinds" and were naturally drawn to both sponsor ads and organic cached links with the URL   In January of 2014 Home Depot spent a rumored billion dollars to acquire


Another example is Cabinets.Com.  Consumers spend millions a year on cabinets, yet don't know what brand they have.  Cabinets.Com is the largest seller of cabinets in the United States.


A recent TV advertising campaign by APARTMENTS.COM has catapulted 4 million + monthly visitors to their website.

A Google search of keyword "apartment" or "apartments" reveals APARTMENTS.COM as the # 1 Sponsor ad, but more importantly the #1 cached organic link for the same keyword searches.  


This is accomplished by virtue of the website having significant content regarding apartments in conjunction with the domain being "keyword rich" for searches of "apartment" or "apartments".


The result is APARTMENTS.COM is now the nationwide premier "go to" website for anyone looking for an apartment.


Google & Yahoo/Bing searches for alarm systems will top out this year at over 1,000,000 searches. (Source: Google & Yahoo/Bing Keyword analytics / alarm system / alarm systems)


Similar to, AlarmSystem.Com is "keyword rich" and has "built in" trust and authority with today's generation of internet users searching for an alarm system.


Thus, a high positioned sponsor ad (view ad here) with the URL AlarmSystem.Com will capture a significant portion of these 1,000,000 searches.


Most importantly, similar to Apartments.Com, significant content regarding alarm systems on the website, AlarmSystem.Com along with the fact the domain is "keyword rich"  will easily result in the highly prized # 1 Google cached organic link for these important keyword searches.


Top positioned cached links are also construed by some savvy searches as having more validity than paid sponsor ads, thus this added exposure will not only assist in capturing a large portion of these 1,000,000 searches but will do so without the expense attributed to a sponsor ad.


For the company willing to embrace and utilize the domain name in an advertising campaign analogous to Apartments.Com, the results will be millions of monthly visitors and firmly establish your company and AlarmSystem.Com as the "go to" website for anyone researching or interested in an alarm system.


For the marketing aggressive alarm dealer, competing for new contracts, converting a conservative 5% of the 1,000,000 searches for alarm systems into new customers will add 50,000 alarm contracts to your funding.  Utilizing the power of the domain in all your advertising, direct mail, affiliate marketing and telemarketing campaigns will also dramatically increase your market share of new contracts.


AlarmSystem.Com is a keyword premium domain name that defines the industry, making it the intrinsic "home" for those researching the internet for information and ultimately looking to have an alarm system installed.


Converting internet traffic to sales in the digital age requires a premium domain address and no other domain name in the alarm industry is more all inclusive and defining than AlarmSystem.Com


There is a direct marketing parallel between,, and AlarmSystem.Com.  The dot com generation will readily accept AlarmSystem.Com as the authority on alarm system research, information and ultimately the source of an alarm system for their new home.


Direct or affiliate mail campaigns expounding the domain name AlarmSystem.Com especially resonates with the prospect that is cyber connected.  The dot com name that is the product has residue lasting power allowing the prospect to recall the source of the offer long after the mailer has been discarded.


If they can't remember the domain name your mailers and their expense are not returning the results intended.


Today's Dot Com Generation is cyber oriented and will go to your website rather than calling you on the phone.  Through direct mail you are proposing an Alarm System. The natural cyber vehicle is AlarmSystem.Com


Your company's domain name is the fist thing that your potential customers will encounter. It is also one of the key things that they will remember your company by. You need to get it right.


AlarmSystem.Com should be displayed on everything you print - whether its business cards, mailers or even yard signs and decals for truck vehicles. Your company IS AlarmSystem.Com!


Marketed correctly AlarmSystem.Com will most assuredly become the most heavily trafficked website in the alarm industry.


Like or, the owner of AlarmSystem.Com will allow the corporate owner to distinguish itself as an industry dominate thought leader, as the portal will be the perfect resource page for posting relevant articles, industry news, and selling product and services, etc. It could potentially elbow SDM and Security News out of business...


AlarmSystem.Com now becomes the recipient of the highly prized "direct navigation traffic" easily outpacing other alarm websites with monthly visitors. 


The result is qualified leads and firmly establishing AlarmSystem.Com as a "household" name and again the nationwide premier "go to" website for anyone researching or interested in an alarm system. Properly utilized the website can easily produce hundreds of thousands of leads / = SALES into the foreseeable future.


Marketing with AlarmSystem.Com is the golden opportunity to lower advertising costs, increase net income and DOMINATE Google search.



For established companies AlarmSystem.Com does not replace your brand name, rather it INCREASES AWARENESS OF YOUR BRAND

Your brand now becomes synonymous with AlarmSystem.Com

To Prospects, You Are AlarmSystem.Com!


The greatest marketing tactic in the digital age is to own the most significant industry domain name


AlarmSystem.Com is the most valuable category killing domain in the alarm industry.


Acquiring and utilizing AlarmSystem.Com should be at the forefront of your marketing strategies in the highly competitive alarm services industry.






As an alarm industry executive or funding partner you obviously know the value of securing 50,000 to 200,000 or more monitoring contracts each year.


Thus; a multi million dollar purchase price for AlarmSystem.Com could easily be amortized in just one year.


The intuitive alarm executive will take advantage of the incredible marketing power of AlarmSystem.Com.  He or she will utilize it to generate hundreds of thousands of new alarm customers into the foreseeable future.


Alternatively it can be purchased as a defensive strategy to prevent competition from capitalizing on its power, much like when Brian Sharples the founder of HomeAway purchased VACATIONRENTALS.COM (view sale here) for $35 million to prevent his competitor Expedia from acquiring it.


The intuitive alarm executive will "own" the first time home buyer, average age 33 that will instinctively be drawn to AlarmSystem.Com for research, information and subsequently to purchase their alarm system.


The intuitive alarm executive won't miss the opportunity to lower advertising costs, increase net income and DOMINATE Google Search.


The intuitive alarm executive understands the importance of owing the industry "product domain", investing in the future and connecting with the digital age generation of customers.


The intuitive alarm executive recognizes that as a product premium domain AlarmSystem.Com claims its unique roll as a "digital Skyscraper" on the internet.


The intuitive alarm executive recognizes the lasting recall power of AlarmSystems.Com and knows the internet is the greatest sales and advertising tool ever invented!


For a start up or established company in the surveillance or "smart home" industry, AlarmSystem.Com will save the time and expense involved in marketing your brand as AlarmSystem.Com quickly allows you to command a huge share in the billion dollar alarm industry.


AlarmSystem.Com will be acquired by the highest offer.


Own it now or lose it to a competitor OR ANOTHER START-UP DYI COMPANY that will unleash its full marketing potential.


The sale / transfer of funds will be handled by www.ESCROW.Com / Fee paid by seller.

The details of the sale indicating the seller, buyer and selling price of the domain will be recorded as public information.


Offers or inquires can be e-mailed to


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